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Wainman Punch




RG 3.0 has incredible low-end grunt that lets you launch quickly and with minimal input from the pilot generates lots of energy when the wind is marginal. It also has a great depower that can be utilized when you need to handle stronger winds.


Where is the real fun in kiting? It is catching air! No matter if you can already boost the biggest air or if you’re still working on jumping over surfboards. What matters is the feeling. The key is the sensation of flight. Feel that RG 3.0 high.


To perform well in all aspects of kiting disciplines, a kite should turn quickly. But it also has to be stable on course and very predictable. Both beginners and advanced riders really appreciate this combination that the RG 3.0 offers. By turning quickly RG 3.0 creates a powerful extra pop that can pull you out of the water like a cannonball. And for those who want a bit slower steering when the wind picks up, RG 3.0 can be slowed down by easily changing the position of the back lines to the SLOW position on the kite tip.


Whether you want to shred more waves, boost big jumps, or just enjoy a great day of free riding, you want the ability to come back upwind - fast. RG 3.0 was designed to not let you down, even when the wind is getting lighter it will bring you back to where you started.


Surfing with a kite is one of the most amazing feelings and when the waves are firing at your spot, you want to be equipped to seize the moment to its fullest. RG 3.0 has great turning and drifting ability, and reacts directly to your inputs, so you can choose where on a wave you want to be instead of it choosing for you. The settings on the kite give you the freedom to choose where you want your kite to be in the wind window.


Recommended Bar Size

•RG 3.0 Bar M-medium

Wind Range

•13-25 knots (70kg rider on standard TT board)
•16-30 knots (85kg rider on standard TT board)

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